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* JV Records is an independent Music Studio / Record Label founded by Jérémie Vrielynck.

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JV Records is more than a kick-ass musicstudio, we always cater to our clients’ needs.

We are the only thing you need to make your music pop (pun intended).

We offer top notch producing and mixing services, we can help you with your songwriting, or even write the songs for you. With our extensive network rooted deeply in the Belgian music scene, we can book you the best musicians for your sessions. And don’t worry, you can also bring your own band if you want, our recording room is definitely big enough to fit you all! 

At JV Records we do whatever it takes to make life easier for our clients.

Nothing does it like music, and no one does music like JV Records.

Come by our studio and see for yourself.

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There isn’t a single genre our top producer Jérémie Vrielynck can’t produce. Completely up to date on all popular trends in production he’ll create the exact sound you’re looking for.


Jérémie is also a very talented singer/songwriter, following his solo successes he wrote many hit songs for Flemish artists.


Mixing is a combination of experience, taste and a well trained ear. With these ‘magic three’ we guarantee to lift your song to a new level.


For your mastering needs we rely on our favorite external expert. EQUUS is one of the best master-engineers Belgium has to offer, with a track record of mastering songs for Belgian greats like 'Stromae', 'Bazart' and ’Lost Frequencies’. 

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